Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Day @ Sasquatch

I've never been to Sasquatch and this year's line-up was looking great. Saturday and Monday seemed the most promising. When I was at Sons & Daughters, I suggested the outing to Chris, who was amenable to the idea.

We planned to get there for the Hives playing at 2:10 on Monday afternoon, which was the main reason I wanted to go. They have played in Seattle twice that I've known about but twice I have not attended. The drive to George, Washington, is a lovely one. Snow-capped mountains, lots of trees and driver-friendly roads. A drive like that works well with the anticipation of what's to come. When we arrived, the parking was free--a pleasant surprise these days. You drive onto the lawn and the Gorge workers herd you to the right place, while leaving the important fire lane open for early exits, if necessary.

The Hives went on punctually and played and awesome show. They performed several songs from their most recent offering, The Black and White Album. With their bold guitars and drums, they show up to work! The show was much better than my expectations and those were already high. To finally experience the Swedish band live was a thrill. Lead singer Howlin' Pelle Almqvist (middle bloke) is a hard-working front man. He engages with the crowd and performs. The other band mates from left to right are Vigilante Carlstroem on guitar, Chris Dangerous, drums, Mr. Almqvist, Dr Matt Destruction on bass and Nicholaus Arson on guitar. The band interacts with each other and the audience. Their signature matching black and white suits really add to their affect. It must have been quite hot up there and some jacket stripping happened.

The Gorge got a mention on The Hives diary at My only complaint is that the band didn't play long enough, but with a festival they have to keep moving. Next time they roll through Seattle, I will be there, right up front. Woop woop!

After very very recently watching the first season of Flight of the Conchords, I've become a neophyte fan. I was pumped to see them live.

They performed a great set for the Gorge, including my fav song The Humans are Dead. I loved them but I need more. They'll be performing again in July, this July, at the Subpop Festival at Marymoor Park.

Finally, the Flaming Lips vs. Ghostland Observatory. I had originally wanted to see GO, but I was mellow by the time they started. Chris was there for the Flaming Lips so we watched them. I don't know enough about them but I have enjoyed some of their music in the past. The Main Stage and Wookie stages at the Gorge compete if you are up on the hill so we got closer to the Lips and it was very mellow.

One complaint: Wayne Coyne talks too much...more than he sings. He spoke a lot about the upcoming election. It's a good, impassioned message, but way way way too much talking and not enough music. The set ended and it didn't seem like they'd played more than 6 or 7 songs. GO continued rocking after that but that was The End for us.

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