Sunday, June 22, 2008

2008 Fremont Summer Solstice Parade (June 21)

Seattle should instill a regional holiday to celebrate the summer solstice, especially in light of recent weather happenings--snow in April, heating and winter coats necessary in June--a summer not yet arrived.

When you consider that the official summer solstice (officially 6/20) is the longest day of the year, that means we are creeping back toward shorter days when we haven't yet even cracked real summer weather.

I'll steer away from gloom and bleakness and report on the parade. According to the Fremont Arts Council, this is the 20th year of the parade. Always festive, fun and crowded, this year was no exception. The weather, while lacking sun, was humid and not cold. This year's parade wasn't as spectacular as in years' past...what with large gaps at times between acts or floats and not that many participants. Following are highlights. Enjoy!

Bus ride to parade

Marge & Brigit_bus

Brent & Brigit

Waiting for parade start

Batman chasing Joker


Bubbles and PJs

El Sol


Large Hand


Lion Boy-King

Back of Lion Boy-King Float

Dragon Mast

Belly Dancers a la Pink

More Pink Ladies

Zombie Rights Group

Smurf Daddy


More DDM

Where's Waldo?

Will Robinson & his Robots

Here Come the Dancing Horses

Tech Collisions

Cheney on Holiday

Problems with Bert

Truth about 2008

Truth Pt 2

More Music

Festive Dancing Pirates

Scary Monkey

The Walls Have Turned@ G&D

Other Side of Wallers

Brigit & Brent @ G&D

Lighter Note

G&D Times

Ankle Sprain Aftermath

Ankle Sprain Aftermath Pt 2

Ankle Aftermath Pt 3

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