Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Der Gläserne Blick (Dead Man's Memories) (2002)

This movie came highly recommended from a friend...or at least I thought he was a friend until I watched this dreadful movie. Described as a murder mystery starring Sylvie Testud, I was curious and ordered it from the library. Well, the movie is SLOW! This was the longest 88 minutes of my life. The plot is tangled up, confusing and frankly, by the time it's all resolved, I didn't care.

The only reason I'm posting anything about it here is as a warning to others. I can't say that with complete confidence as it was highly recommended but you've been warned.

Themes: Murder, mystery, casual sex w/ strangers, police, revenge

Director: Markus Heltschl

Country: Germany/Portugal

1-5 Scale: 1...hated it!


Some Bloke said...

Longest 88 minutes?
Bah! I doubt it's longer than that special Mass at Easter that seems to go on for two days..

Diana Mivelli said...

I would rather sit through an Easter mass than ever again have to endure the drivel in this piece of crap. And, trust me, I have sat through my share of masses.