Sunday, November 2, 2008

In Bruges (2008)

Rubbish about two hitmen hiding out in Bruges after a hit goes wrong in London. Ray (Colin Farrell) wants to drink and cavort; Ken (Brendan Gleeson) prefers to sightsee while they wait for further instructions from their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes). Ray is a flat character. Ken is more interesting. Their differing views on how to spend time in Bruges worked, as most can relate to a trip becoming difficult with a bad travel companion.

Bruges is lovely but the movie is flat. The usually enjoyable and compelling Colin Farrell is annoying. The movie thrives on its violence. The scene where the hit goes wrong happens in a church without a silencer. Come on! There are some quirky bits and there's a twist that gives the movie a final shot of adrenalin but by then, you could be dozing. The plot starts moving in the last two scenes. There's English humor and it has its moments, but it just wasn't enough to sustain it. Bleh.

Director: Martin McDonagh

Country: England

Genre: Dram-Com

Minutes:  107 minutes

Scale: 2

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