Wednesday, October 29, 2008

L'homme de Sa Vie (The Man of My Life) (2006)

When Frédéric (Bernard Campan) invites his new neighbor, Hugo (Charles Berling) to join him, his wife Frédérique (Léa Drucker) and their extended family for dinner one summer evening, he gains a friend. Hugo announces to the crowd that he is gay. There's a moment of "oh-no-he-di-nt" but they're French and h are sophisticated. Soon, Hugo becomes part of the family. Hugo is a graphic artist and Frédéric owns a company. Both are avid runners and take to daily runs together. Frédéric seems happy as a husband and father. The two men engage in philosophical discussions about relationships and life. A physical attraction develops. It's subtle and intellectually based. A few subplots lead back to the central conflict, but this is mainly Frédéric's story as he realizes his attraction, the possibility of exploring it and what he stands to lose.

I think I like you L'homme de Sa Vie is subdued--it's chatty and artsy, mostly a character development piece. There's something special about it, but I can't pinpoint it. I wasn't quite engaged but I also was never 100% bored. The ending is left to interpretation but may occur seems evident. The director is a woman and perhaps that adds to the singular story and ending.

Director: Zabou Breitman

Country: France

Genre: Drama

Minutes:  114 minutes

Scale: 2.5

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