Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This was my fifth time to the beloved Mexico. Why do I love it there? The people, the energy (median age is 26), the beauty, the language and the economics. Haruna is there for a year learning Spanish. This is my visit to see her:

Grocery stores are excellent samples of cultures. Fun to see familiar products in their foreign language counterparts. Some groceries have interesting sections or focus on a certain product, such as soap. For some reason, I've noticed many Spanish speaking countries have a lot of soap--a lot in stock in a variety of brands.

Here is the bakery section of Soriana. There were six large shelves, all open, no covers of baked goods:

Haruna in bakery section at Soriana

Baked goods at Soriana Mercado








I don't know how she did it but she managed to slip into a mini car ride for kids. I could barely stop laughing to take the picture:

Haruna accepts dare 


At night, food stands crop up on the streets. The following taco stand is around the corner from Haruna's. I ordered chorizo and beef tacos and I'm salivating just recalling their deliciousness:

Taco stand

Taco Stand








Taco Stand 

Taco Stand








Following are some Guadalajara sites. Some observations: no one wears shorts. It can be 90 but men, women, kids...all wearing pants. Sunglasses are not the norm. People STARE.

Cathedral  Calle en El Centro







Courtyard in Governor's Palace

Orozco Mural @ Palacio del Gobernador 






More mural





We took a trip to Tlaquepaque. This town is artsy with many art galleries, art workshops and craft stores. Fun to look, big to pay. Please look:

With Haruna in Tlaquepaque
















Sergio Bustamante Gallery  

Sergio Bustamante Gallery









We took a bus trip to the beach town of Manzanillo (4.5 hrs Southwest of Guad). It was HOT, HUMID and SUNNY. I'm recharged least through October.


Hauna @ Manzanillo 







We returned to Guad and I had to go home. Last day was spent scurrying through the chaotic streets of Guad, a bit infected with speed ourselves. The market was an incredible maze across 4-5 floors of shoes, electronics, purses and bags, counterfeit DVDs, food (and all its good and bad smells), mugs, shotglasses, instruments, clothes and their good and bad smells. Everything is a deal to be made. Fun to watch, exhausting to partake. Noticed a lot of spitting in the market.

View at Mercado Libertad










Breakfast @ Sandy's in Guad

Breakfast @ Sandy's in Guad

Walking in Guad


There're sculptures and fountains all over:

Peepee fountain

More fountains

Statue in Gaud

Another art piece



Back in the day of my family travels, I remember the days of loading passengers from the tarmac. So, it always feels like a throw-back treat when you have to walk the hot pavement to climb the stairs:

Boarding plane in  Guad








The End!

About to land in Seattle


Michelle said...

The art is awesome!!!!! Glad I have something to read again in the middle of a work day!

Esteban said...

Quiero las fotos de sus vacaciones. Se parece a lo fue un viaje divertido. Yo le veré cuando el grupo encuentra jugar la piscina otra vez alguna vez. Hasta entonces, mi amiga.