Friday, November 7, 2008

RocknRolla (2008)

I have exciting news for you: I didn't hate RocknRolla. In fact, I kind of liked it. Wakey wakey! CONS: It has it's flaws...could have been edited WAY down and tossed the needless characters of Lukacris and Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold has ruined Piven forever for me--he'll never be anyone else.) The flimsy plot device (involving a painting <yawn>) didn't excite, but it was a vehicle for a very fun threesome of: One Two (Gerard Butler), Mumbles (Idris Elba--"Stringer Bell" of The Wire fame) and Handsome Bob (Tom Hardy). From the start, their chemistry smolders and guides you though the silly and convoluted plot. You are on board with them because their friendship is solid. This is a movie about loyalty and family. The good friends try to make good but are foiled by a crime lord on a real estate scam. But, really, that's the dull storyline allowing Ritchie to write the story he really wanted to write--the one about the friendships. That's the story that shines.

The violence level is conservative for Guy Ritchie. That was a surprise. Thandie Newton...oy...what is happening to you? You were awesome in your indie days of Flirting. Now, you have resorted to 1-D caricatures (see review for W). No no no! I can't take it. Make it stop. Tom Wilkinson is hardly recognizable as Lenny Cole. And, there's something appealing about the heroin addict but he doesn't carry the movie as he's supposed to as a plot complication. However, I remain very open to the possibility of the next installment! I cannot deny it...I enjoyed RocknRolla.

Director: Guy Ritchie

Country: UK

Genre: Action/Gangster

Minutes:  114 minutes

Scale: 3

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Ocho-Gritos said...

As much as I did not enjoy it much of the film's thematic essence has stayed with me. Much like the movie Pigalle what seems to be controversial in this macho world, homosexuality, is reduced to a wonderful device allowing the characters to flow freely. I suspect much of the script of RockandRoller is improvised and the uneveness of the presentation as disquieting or un-appealing gives it a lasting savor. To my dismay once this reaches television it will be cult classic, and I may be one of its unrelenting fans.