Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Puyallup Fair (September)

Even if you aren't interested in fairs, you know when it's Puyallup time--the commercials, the ads, the jingle that no doubt you are reciting right now. This year, I got a free ticket (thanks, Corinn).

Ze-donk 101The animals are the best part. The enclosures and hoards of people gathered 'round aren't great for the animals, but as a bystander, I experience the guilty pleasure of learning about and seeing animals I wouldn't have a chance to know existed, such as the Ze-donk, the zebra meets donkey.

Nice legs!

Camel and Corinn

The camel was gorgeous, towering over the most of the animals. The Icelandic horses were striking with their contrasting blonde manes. Smaller than traditional horses, they still possess the serene grace.

Lovely mane

Many sheep...all types, colors and levels of softness appeal.

Dreads, mon

A la Bo Peep










Curls and wisps

The Swine


The favorite

The fowl

More fowl

Cheeky fowl

Polish-variety fowl

The most exciting fair activity was the chance to hold a human brain...all three pounds of it. It was surprisingly heavier than expected.

Have you held a brain today?

This event was also a successful experiment on taking the bus from Seattle to Puyallup. On the ride from downtown Seattle to Federal Way, I saw a woman transporting a piece of art. I was sitting too far away to tell what it was. It looked like a large ceramic owl decorated with vivid colors. When we disembarked the bus at the Federal Way Park and Ride, I approached. Her name is Tammie. She sells Real Change in downtown Seattle (her artwork is for sale). Here she is with the fantastic owl clock she made. She was on her way to gift it to her mother. Tammie also makes ceramic chess sets.

Tammie and her owls

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