Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

In this neo-noir thriller, Slevin Kelevra (Josh Hartnett) is caught in a bad case of mistaken identity. He arrives at old pal, Nick Fisher's (Sam Jaeger) apartment. He showers and soon after, two thugs take him away in a bath towel and slippers to see The Boss (Morgan Freeman) who is looking for his $96K payback. Slevin informs him he isn't Nick Fisher, but The Boss just wants his money...or a big favor in lieu of the money. Not long after returning to Nick's place and dressing two other thugs take him away to see The Rabbi (Sir Ben Kingsley) who wants the $33K Nick owes him. Turns out The Boss and The Rabbi are nemeses. Slevin gets involved with Nick's neighbor, Lindsey (Lucy Liu), who has a bit of Magnum, PI in her. And, to complicate an already messy sitch, Detective Brikowski (Stanley Tucci) has been conducting surveillance on The Boss and The Rabbi--who live opposite one another in facing buildings--and is determined to figure out how Slevin fits in with both. Slevin hashes his own plot. Not so fast...seems hitman Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis), is setting up Slevin at each step.

Told in present, flashbacks and some repetition of scenes with perspective twists, this movie has comic moments. Kingsley steps into character and performs. Freeman acts in mostly same character as always, yet is still likeable, as always (must have been my formative exposure to him in Electric Company). Hartnett carries the show with his comedic timing and conning turn at naïveté. The mad, vibrant set design serves as a chaotic character of its own.

Director: Paul McGuigan

Country: US

Genre: Thriller

Run time: 110 minutes

Scale: 3.5

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