Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Night with the Script (September 21)

The ScriptI’m not a music snob. I’ve my favorites but I love the experience of a new band. Sometimes you score, other times you lose; occasionally you learn a band may not be your cup of Irish tea but you are struck by their passion, their following, the experience.

I was introduced to the Script one year ago. According to my Irish colleague Jeff Harvey, the Dublin band are huge in some sectors of music fandom previously unknown to me. Mr. Harvey was a schoolmate of drummer Glen Power. He promised that when The Script played Seattle next, he’d get me tickets. My day came last Wednesday. Originally slated for the Paramount, the show was moved to the Neptune at the last minute. (As a side note, The Neptune is a great venue. It’s like the Showbox light and it’s got great potential to grow into an excellent personality.

The Script is reminiscent of an R&B-styled boy band with a bit of rap. A few songs dip into the realm of U2 sounds. Most are on the slow side. There was a standout song (unfortunately as a novice, I don’t know the name)—fast, ska-ish, fun. They mused about their “dark” songs but their affect was upbeat and happy. This band appreciates their fans, love performing and enjoy their job. As an audience member, you can’t fight the jolly with this set-up. The fan demographic: young adoring-to-near-tears females; couples entwined in each others’ arms and a sprinkling of oldies. Despite only two albums, I was nonetheless surprised when the show, including encore, ended after one hour (it was a school night so no harm, no foul). Thanks for hooking me up with VIP status, Mr. H.

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