Monday, September 5, 2011

Extasis (Ecstacy) (1996)

ExtasisThree scamps hatch an ill thought-out plan to rob their families and open a beachside bar. Rober (Javier Bardem), Ona (Leire Berrocal) and Max (Daniel Guzm├ín) rob and empty the till at Ona’s father’s store, but when the theft of Rober’s uncle doesn’t go as planned, Max ends up in jail.

Rober impersonates Max and tracks down Max’s estranged father, Daniel (Federico Luppi), a renown theater director. Rober is confident this plan will work as Max hasn’t seen his father since he was nine and he will get the money to liberate Max. When Rober introduces himself as Max to Max’s father, it’s as if another movie starts. Ona and Max become secondary as mastermind Rober begins the guise as Max. Daniel and Max interact as if engaged in a chess match. Rober falls under the allure of Max’s father, even landing a role in Daniel’s new play and being seduced by Daniel’s girlfriend.

The plot has some holes but it’s got clever twists and escalation of tension. Barden’s talent shines in one of his earlier film roles, especially opposite the shrewd character of Daniel. The ending is anti-climactic, unsatisfying but worthwhile to see Rober’s metamorphosis.

Co-Writer/Director: Mariano Barroso

Country: Spain

Genre: Drama

Run time: 93 minutes

Scale: 3

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