Monday, May 30, 2011

Noise (2007)

NoiseThe opening scene of Noise hooks you as you follow Lavinia (Maia Thomas) boarding a commuter train in Melbourne and making a horrific realization.

It’s just before Christmas and Constable Graham McGahan (Brendan Cowell) gets stationed in a police caravan in the neighborhood close to the train incident. He suffers from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and black-outs, and he’s a slacker, not doing much while on duty, except for realizing he’s chosen the wrong career. Even when clues and potential leads fall in his lap, he cannot be bothered; the viewer has a better chance at solving the crime.

The story is confusing and abruptly told. So much so that you think you’ve missed key details. As the plot progresses, you realize it’s the manner the screenwriter/director have chosen to unfold the story. Characters resemble one another and the darkness of the movie doesn’t help. Noise is supposed to be a noir thriller, but some scenes are so dark, faces are obscured. The dialog is 2 fast and 2 furious to keep up. The frequent ringing and irritating cacophony repeatedly  assault the aural senses. Noise tricks you into thinking it’s going to be terrific. It grabs you with that gripping opener, but never takes goes full circle. The missing links don’t make sense. Too many questions are left vague or unanswered. Who committed the crime? What really happened on that train? Why won’t Lavinia tell reveal the full story? Who was #3 and how did they find a guy who resembled the guy from the train, yet who supposedly wasn’t there? Oy!

Writer/Director: Matthew Saville

Country: Australia

Genre: Drama (supposed to be thriller)

Run time: 108 minutes

Scale: 1.5

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