Monday, May 2, 2011

Hal Sparks @ Benaroya’s Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall (April 29)

Hal SparksI knew little about what to expect (only what my PIC had told me) from Hal Sparks and his act. I’d fallen asleep watching one of his DVDs (not a reflection on his talent but rather the logistical circumstances).

The recital hall was cozy. The crowd was a mixed bag—people of color, a variety of ages and, notably, many women.

I get it now. He’s not just adorable; he’s emphatic, dynamic and evocative. He jumps in, not going easy on his favorite fodder—rednecks. Since growing up in Kentucky, does he still have relatives there? Do they really walk like chimpanzees? More importantly, do they own up to being related to him and how do they feel about polar bears in zoos in the south?

Brimming with confidence, his performance runs rife with social commentary on race and gay issues. Stoners, bigots and homophobes, be leery (albeit for different reasons). The tight-jeans-wearing, interrupted-chuckle-delivering, air-punching (POW) comic also acts and fronts and plays guitar in heavy metal band Zero 1. He’s hosted Talk Soup and VH1’s I Love the 80s series.

I am now a fan and think you should look into it too.

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Andy Nystrom and Cat Rose said...

Being the PIC in question -well said! I could not agree more--Sparks is awesome and changes up his act all the time. Would recommend to anyone to see him every time to check out what he is ranting about next!