Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just Go with It / Pretend Wife (2011)

Adam Sandler is overrated and continues to disappoint. Jennifer Aniston, please get a new agent.

This dumb plot revolves around Danny (old man Sandler) being struck by lust at first sight by Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a much younger woman. When she catches him in a stupid lie, he convinces his doormat assistant Katherine (Aniston) to fake it as his soon-to-be ex-wife. Her two kids ends up part of the package. Soon they’re all on a weekend trip to Hawaii where the lies continue to reproduce.

Just-Go-With-ItPalmer is hot with the brain of a pet rock. Her character must suspend all reality to allow any of the plot twists to occur (big sign of a weak storyline). The shenanigans are ridiculous. There’s over-the-top Eddie (Nick Swardson), Katherine’s fake-German-accented boyfriend with thick glasses (ripping off from Seinfeld in the scene with the sheep) and an embarrassing coconut tie-breaker game. Danny beats the unfunny jokes to discomfort (even Aniston looks annoyed). The two kids, Maggie (Bailee Madison) and Michael (Griffin Gluck), are the most enjoyable and they serve only an occasional chuckle. The professional relationship between Danny and Katherine is idiotic: unprofessional banter in front of clients go way too long and too far. And, guess what? Nicole Kidman appears in this rubbish. No wonder you didn’t see her in trailers. Before Oscars’ season, she didn’t want to be associated with this mess. And, Dave Matthews as her closeted husband? I don’t understand. Don’t waste your time, money or brain cells.

Director: Dennis Dugan

Country: USA

Genre: Romantic comedy

Run time: 115 very long minutes

Scale: 1

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