Thursday, February 24, 2011

127 Hours (2010)

What makes 127 Hours a grand experience? Danny Boyle, James Franco, an incredible true story, tremendous music. You voyage through survival in the remote Blue John Canyon, Utah.

127 HoursAron Ralston (Franco)—arrogant outdoorsman and happy-go-lucky hiker—heads out for a solo weekend hike in the expansive Utah canyons. He has informed no one about his plans. He camps, hikes, frolics with other hikers.

As he’s making his way through a narrow canyon, a boulder tumbles and lands on his hand, trapping Ralston. He’s now trapped, alone with a limited supply of water, no cell reception and not a soul in the vicinity. You, the viewer, is with him during the next 127 Hours he spends flipping through memories—recent, older and regrettable—and figuring out how to stay alive and extricate himself. The beauty is in the details: the raven flying overhead daily at same time. The regular 15 minutes of sunshine on his foot. The dream sequences. The ants that regularly crawl over him. The video within the movie.

For a movie with one character carrying it, it’s remarkable and compelling. Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role (2011 Academy Awards), Franco doesn’t disappoint.

Director: Danny Boyle

Country: USA/UK

Genre: Drama

Run time: 94 minutes

Scale: 4

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