Monday, July 26, 2010

Weeds (Season 5, 13 Episodes) (2009)

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) can extricate herself out of any situation with creative flair. She surprises viewers by raising and re-setting the bar of how screwed up things have to get to save her. Claiming she is pregnant just as she is about to be brown bread, her Mexican mayor/cartel head boyfriend Esteban Reyes (Demián Bichir)doesn’t trust nor believe her (not after he has photo evidence she’s been talking to the Feds).

(Spoiler Alert: Read at Your Own Risk!)

This season has Andy (Justin Kirk) realizing and declaring his love for his sister-in-law. There may be a glimmer of reciprocity, but Nancy prefers Esteban’s power, his money and also the life—after five seasons, she’s hooked on drama, crime, murder and mayhem. Rejected Andy rebounds with Nancy’s obGyn, Dr. Audra Kitson (Alanis Morissette), but is it love or revenge?

Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) is up to her usual does she get away with it? A constant thorn in Nancy, Doug (Kevin Nealon) and Dean (Andy Milder), she has the tenacity to work her way from the bowels of life to sit pretty for a while until the next bad thing happens. Doug and Dean are consistent—immature and perpetually stoned—working to figure out how to maintain their favorite state of consciousness. A crowded houseSilas (Hunter Parrish) persists in his entrepreneurial quest; he’s the hopeful one in this insane bunch who has a chance to make it. His calm disposition and head for business will help him succeed, if he can stay out of the clink. Shane is the biggest surprise—the boy who’s grown up flanked by violence and drug-dealing sheds his moral compass. Is he on his way to becoming a thug? We find out when season six premieres August 16.

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