Monday, July 26, 2010

Dennis (2007)

Making up with MamaThis short film manages to tell a robust three-dimensional story in less than 20 minutes.

Soft-spoken Dennis (Kim Kold) is a bodybuilder with an inverted pyramid of an inked torso equipped with bulging muscles. Movie opens with him phoning a woman and asking her out to dinner. She doesn’t recognize him but agrees to meet him that night. He must lie to his mother that he’s meeting a male friend. She’s disappointed and gives him the silent treatment when she learns they won’t be sharing pot roast and playing cards.

The date is quiet but goes well enough that she invites Dennis to join her to meet a few friends. The girls are intrigued by his muscles and urge Dennis to take off his shirt and show off his muscles. They all start dancing and are full-on objectifying Dennis when two of their male friends arrive and Dennis makes a hasty retreat. He’s upset at the girl (did she invite him to give her friends something to laugh at?) and goes home. When he arrives, his mother is still sore. She remarks that his shirt is on inside out. The final scene ends as a distraught Dennis asks his mother if he can sleep with her.

THIS MOVIE IS A MUST SEE! It’s a short story come to life.

Co-writer/Director: Mads Matthiesen

Country: Denmark

Genre: Dramatic Short

Run time: 18 minutes

Scale: 5

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