Monday, March 1, 2010

Cop Out (2010)

Tracy Morgan is a guilty pleasure. He heads up the 30 Rock success trifecta (along with Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin). Cop Out got plugged so often that their subliminal adverts did a number on me.

Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) and Jimmy Monroe (Paul Hodges) are partners on the police force and have been for 16 years when they get suspended for a bust gone wrong. They are each struggling with some personal matters. Paul believes his wife, Debbie (Rashida Jones), is cheating with their neighbor and takes some extreme measures to learn the truth. Jimmy is trying to finance his daughter’s costly wedding. To protect his ego and prevent his ex-wife’s rich husband, Roy (Jason Lee) from picking up the tab, he decides to sell a collectible baseball card that will fetch him close to 100K. With the earnings, he’ll have enough for the wedding and still have some leftover for himself.

When Jimmy arrives to sell his baseball card, the collectibles store gets robbed. The two thieves take money and Jimmy’s card. Jimmy and Paul track one of the thieves, Dave (Seann William Scott in a look and role reminiscent of Jack Black), who helps them locate the card. This leads them to Poh Boy (Guillermo Díaz reprising his role from Weeds), a gang leader with a penchant for baseball who isn’t giving up the card, unless they are prepared to find an valuable item of his that has gone missing.

The movie continues like this and while the plot is basic, the magic is in the details. Tracy Jordan is underrated on 30 Rock; he makes this movie. His vulnerability as the semi-village idiot works damn well. Jordan and Willis make an unlikely coupling. Seann WIlliam Scott does this mimicking thing that while junior high and obnoxious is hilarious. There is a cast of familiar faces provide laughs a plenty.

Director: Kevin Smith

Country: US

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 107 minutes

Scale: 3

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