Monday, November 2, 2009

Final Destination (2000)

This movie makes me want to write a screenplay. Not the best movie ever, but it possesses a simple and solid plot. At the crux is the fear almost everyone has experienced at one time or another--the fear of flying. Specifically, the fear that while in flight, your plane will crash and everyone, including you will die in a great ball of fire (or something similar). Main character, Alex (Devon Sawa) is likeable. The other characters are okay, albeit it high school stereotypical. You root for Alex who is neither a jock nor a nerd but somewhere in between beating to his own drum.

Unlucky survivors When Alex experiences an eerily realistic premonition that the plane he's just boarded for a class trip to Paris will explode, he has a panic attack and starts screaming as he tries to get off. This starts a fight between jock Carter (Kerr Smith) and Alex's best friend's brother, who also gets kicked off the plane, along with Terry (Amanda Detmer), Carter's girlfriend. Loner Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) runs off the plane, believing Alex may be right. A melee ensues in the terminal. When the pilot tells them they aren't re-boarding his plane, one of the French teachers stays off the plane with them. The jock and Alex get into a fistfight and as they are wrestling, being held back but trying to get loose and kick each other's ass, the plane takes off. Suddenly, it explodes mid-air into a huge fireball.

Then, the Feds get involved, believing Alex had something to do with it. Everyone is clearly afraid of Alex after this. No one can figure out how it happened or how Alex knew it would happen. He devotes himself to learning plane mechanics and engineering to figure out what happened. Then, sinister things begin to occur. At this point, the movie goes terribly wrong. We learn that the individuals that got off the plane have eluded Death and Death don't play that. Their time is ticking as Death makes house calls, but Alex might have the key to outsmarting their imminent deaths. Death does things that defy credibility. You get some of the trite wind blowing the curtains to signal something bad is about to happen. The worse line I've heard in a long time is delivered by the one-dimensional Carter: "I'm never gonna die." And, a lot happens as people are sitting on toilets.

Overall, I liked it. Gets a bit cheesy, gory and silly but it has some good components that make it watchable.

Co-writer/Director: James Wong

Country: US

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Run time: 98 minutes

Scale: 3

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Carrie said...

This movie gave me the chills also!