Monday, November 30, 2009

Californication (Season 2) (2009)

Season 2 starts slowly. Hank (David Duchovny) and Karen (Natascha McElhone) are shacking up and doing well…but will it last?

(Spoiler Alert: Read at Your Own Risk!)

Where's Cokey Smurf?

Through flashbacks, we learn how Karen and Hank began. There’s complicated magic between these two and it’s evident.

Couplings begin crumbling. The fallout of Hank’s past tail-chasing catches up with him. Trust and boundary issues get to Karen (surprise, surprise). She tires of dealing with the man-child’s antics. Is it realistic that that many women throw themselves at Hank that often? And, all the sex without condoms? REALLY? In this day and age in Los Angeles? It’s a show but hard to believe it’s his modus operandi. Pregnancy seems the least of his concerns. And, while I’m on this tangent, what’s with using the expression retarded as a diss in almost each of the first six episodes? Not to get all PC here but really, people, don’t we need to rid our lexicon of that expression?

At about episodes 6/7, the plots began cooking when Marcy (Pamela Adlon—also the voice of Bobby Hill on King of the Hill) cannot stop indulging in the snow, while Charlie (Evan Handler) gets fired for chronic masturbation at work, which leads him into producing porn and landing a cameo in Vaginatown (porn remake of Chinatown), which leads to a wrinkle that leads to a tear in his marriage. You just know it won’t be a happy ending; I was disappointed with where the diminutive Runkles ended.

Hank indulges in a bromance with a music producer and the trajectory of their friendship transcends superficial and one thing is made clear…there are bromantic rules and these hedonists have ethics. This storyline was enjoyable but again, doesn’t end well.

The end of Season 2 snuck up. Before I knew it, it was over. Not sure that much really changed with Hank but it was entertaining, as the fairy tale of an LA man who refuses to grow up.


Susan said...

Oh my. Love, love, love Californication. Am currently watching Season 3 on illegal downloads. All I can say is....Rick Springfield....WTF? The man is 60 and looks 40. Still the hottie after all these years. At any rate, I so love Hank and his ongoing shenannigans and slut like behaviour! The sexiest writer LA has ever seen.

Btw, on a random note, I have been obsessed with The Wire. Finished the final season last month. The most amazing HBO series ever made. But that's my .02. Also a wee bit obsessed with True Blood. So worth a watch. Am waiting with baited breath for Season 3.

Diana said...

Hey Susan, I didn't even think about Season 3! Rick Springfield, really? That's cracking me up.

I agree with you on The Wire. I was disappointed when it was over. I enjoyed how it presented the varied perspectives.

I love True Blood. First season, I couldn't quite get into it, but second season, I took the bait. One question...Bill or Eric?