Wednesday, August 19, 2009

El Vez at the 2009 35th Annual Ballard Seafood Fest (July 25)

El Vez--the Mexican Elvis--and the Elvettes put on a sweat shakin' performance, even after 20 years. At the recent Seafood Fest, I had the pleasure of watching El Vez and the Elvettes sing, dance and connect wtih the crowd (and a huge one turned out). On a sweltering Saturday with temps well into the 90s, El Vez and the Elvettes didn't shortchange their numerous fans. Complete with costume changes, back-up band and bountiful energy, El Vez and the Elvettes are an act to savor. If you've never seen them, it's a treat and the outdoor stage added to the excellent vibes.

Le Tigre El Vez

Part of the show?







 Just a caterpillar...






  The butterfly emerges














 Funhouse El Vez

If you read my Greenwood Seafair Parade blog entry, you know about the plethora of drill teams who participated and will understand the next picture detailing the beer garden sponsor:

Creating an empire

The Schneider keychain







 The Smokeshop barmaids (and bystander)















Troll Wrap







The End

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