Thursday, July 23, 2009

59th Greenwood Seafair Parade (July 22)

I'm not a Greenwood Seafair Parade patriot. Last year, I watched it for about 12 minutes before leaving to see Mudhoney at a KEXP event. This year, as early as 10am, chairs sat on Greenwood. They were placeholders for attendees staking spots. By 2:30, much of Greenwood between 85th and 95th was chair-lined. Still, I wasn't enticed. At 6 when the parade began, however, I heard a marching band and ventured outside. The Navy group marched by. They kind of rocked--the drums, the horns, the cymbals, the symmetry of the white uniforms and the glinting of the sun off the patent shoes. (Didn't have my camera.)

The real patriots The most numerous participants were the drill teams. Had no idea the many that existed in the area. (And, why is the cowboy costume theme so popular?)

Many churches participated. Usually, it was a father-and-son team holding a sign detailing the virtues their church offered: A Connection with God. Be a Part of Something Greater Than Yourself.

The Greenwood Christian Church chose to go with flair. The crowd cheered the green and yellow.

Pray with Flair

You hear the bands long before you see them. The funkier the band, the more the liveliness generated on the sidelines.Marching Band

They display passion. I tried to find someone who looked like s/he was just going through the motions. It ain't easy. They're performing to an cheering audience. Is there a rush? The marching band gives back with their own brand of flair. (The theme of this year's parade was 'Greenwood Gets Active.' It could've been 'Gracing Greenwood with Flair for 59 Years.)

The Tappers and the Lone Clapper

The Latin cowboys on the trotting horses was a surprise. Horses on Greenwood? (The fact that it wasn't a drill team also helped.)


Not sure about the clowns. Regarding the cop clown..just whose side do you represent? The Bobbies probably won't like the profile. The non-cops won't associate with you. Then, there's Kirk and Spock. Unique--yes--but why? (Anything goes in a parade, especially if you are a clown or...a drill team.)



More marching bands...




All marching bands don't exhibit the same zeal. Considering the short attention span of the average American in the new millennium, the same ole, same ole needs to be special to grab and hold. Enter the creative capitalists at QFC giving Greenwood something different with their glittered-cart choreography.

QFC cart crew 

Drillin' w/ the QFC cart crew








This car touts an Eastern-looking (Hindi?) script. The music had a world beat. He was smiling and waving as the crowd watched with little reaction. (What does it say?)100_4244 

Local color

Pink Tow








The Vern Fonk walking head inciting hyperactivity

Stand Up and Fonk








The "real" Vern Fonk

Play your fonky music









The Seattle Public Library Book-Mobile. (Books rule.)


The drill teams dominated. Some are even recruiting.

The key to parade domination

In closing, I must add that for as many drill teams that love parades, they are cooking up fantastic choreography and dancing, themes and costumes. 

Next year, I will plan to be at the parade, sitting in my very own saved seat. Go Greenwood.

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