Monday, July 13, 2009

La mujer de mi hermano (My Brother's Wife) (2005)

La seducción empieza...Sometimes the key to enjoying a movie can be as simple as watching it with the right audience. LMDMH has so much going from the start, it's not to be missed, but when the nuts in the peanut gallery are the right mix, a 3+ movie becomes a 5. (Shout outs to Michelle and Brian.)

Zoe (Bárbara Mori) is married to attractive, but cranky-ass Ignacio (Christian Meier). Ignacio works a lot and only wants to engage in sex on Saturdays. This leaves lusty Zoe with no choice but to look for love elsewhere--unfortunately, lazy and not so creative, she chooses her husband's brother Gonzalo (Manolo Cardona). Artist Gonzalo is a player and has a strident relationship with Ignacio. Their mother thinks they can do no wrong. She isn't a fan of Zoe, who hasn't sired her a grandkid after 10 years of marriage to her first born. Of course, mama-in-law blames this on Zoe. Family issues play in LMDMH as part drama, part romantic thriller and part Spanish soap opera where everyone has a secret and an agenda.

There are captivating secondary characters in this movie. With so much happening, you don't know who can be trusted. Everyone is beautiful, the sexual tension is fierce and the twists--oy vey--they start immediately and don't let up. There's only one aspect/subplot that isn't resolved; otherwise, nice playing out of the befuddling switchbacks.

I suggest you see it with friends and spirits (to keep with the flavor, perhaps Latin-American wine or cocktails). Peanut gallery your way through and you won't regret it.

Director: Ricardo de Montreuil

Country: Colombia

Genre: Drama (telenovela style)

Run time: 89 minutes

Scale: 5

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