Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Dash

Que frio! The dash is a well-loved tradition. In its 25th year, the race teemed with participants of all ages adorned, as usual, in vibrant, creative duds, including green tutus, dyed green hair, kilts; curly colorful wigs, animal suits, green caps, green socks, shamrocked arm warmers, leg warmers and stretchy athletic gear in bright wacky colors on a 5K course through Seattle. The predominant color, of course, is green.

The plans for the dash morphed all week--to run or to walk? With what group of folks? Who would meet up in the beer garden? In the end, Corinn and I were the troupers. We walked at a brisk pace. Large spongy snowflakes fell as we began; they later turned into a downpour. I wasn't cold until after the race. Then, the cold, wind and rain hit me, just when we were searching for the beer garden. It was housed inside a Seattle Center building. The line was LONG--at least 30-45 minutes--to get in. So, we instead headed to meet Carrie and Andy at the Five Point Cafe. A & C didn't do the race but they were in full support mode. (Shouts out!). They were there--warm and Corinn and Carriesettled with spots in their booth ready for the two soaking girls. I ordered Huevos Rancheros. Eggs were cooked over-easy--just the way I love--and placed atop a plate full of long, thin, crispy chip strips.Below the chips, a layer of chili. The entire concoction was topped with sour cream, salsa and jalapeños. It was the ultimate in deliciousness. Food never tastes better than after a rigorous workout. Andy played great music on the jukebox, including, AC/DC, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Guns and Roses and the Pixies.

Big Money and Tired Girl I spent a lot of time in the ladies room running the hand dryer for warmth. First, I dried my hair, then my warm-up jacket, followed by my gloves and hat, and finally my outer shell. Things remained damp. From there, we walked through Seattle Center to meet folks at Floyd's. The weather had turned. The sum made a shy appearance, but the wind stole the show. The gusts against my damp clothing were brutal! At Floyd's, I indulged in a hot chocolate with Bailey's Irish Cream. It was an enjoyable afternoon. My only regret is that I never got to Pesos to meet Elli and her crew.

Next year, the Dash awaits, but fingers crossed for better weather.


Michelle said...

You are a trooper!!! Sitting in damp clothing all day with a chill is dreadful!!! WAY TO GO!!

Anonymous said...

Hey-Carrie needs props for good music on the jukebox also (but maybe that was before your got there as I put in the first round). That was a fun day despite the rain!