Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Love You, Man (2009)

Reminiscent of the 40-Year-Old Virgin, I Love You, Man, stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel in bromantic glory. Although it has many of the Judd Apatow crew, it's not an Apatow Kingdom production.

When Peter (Rudd), an LA real estate agent, asks girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones) to jump the broom, he has no male friends to tell and fewer to ask to be in his wedding party. He's been much more a "girlfriends" type guy and never made any male friends. When he realizes that this concerns Zooey and that he won't have groomsmen to match her six bridesmaids, he embarks on a man-friend hunt. He first enlists the help of his gay brother, Robbie (Andy Samberg), who starts Peter on the idea of man-dates to meet guys.

During an an open-house event Peter is hosting in an attempt to sell Lou Ferrigno's house, he meets Sydney (Segel) who isn't interested in buying a place, but attends open houses for the free food. The pal-ship begins and we are led through the stages of their budding relationship, but will there be enough room for Zooey?Viva la Rush

ILYM gets rolling immediately and doesn't lose steam. The theater was brimming with men and women with lots of laughs to be had. The casting brings out the sizzle. Rudd is an excellent choice for the lead. He exploits the unaffected simplicity he does so well. The same could be said for Segel, but he brings guileless confidence to Sydney's character. Other cast includes Jaime Pressly, Jon Favreau (as an odd couple who get their kicks by constant acrimony, Jane Curtin (as Peter's mother) and Lou Ferrigno, as himself! An in-theater must see (don't leave the movie get a snippet of fun midway through the end credits).

Director: John Hamburg

Country: US

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 105 minutes

Scale: 5

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