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Sons and Daughters @ Neumo's (April 29, 2008)

I've been waiting for Sons and Daughters to play Seattle for a long time. I missed them last time 'round and I was vigilant as not to let it happen twice. So, as Tuesday the 29th of April approached, I was pumped and ready to party on a typically quiet school night.

100_2191 My posse on Tuesday was composed of, from left, Andy Nystrom, Carrie R, and Chris Griffin. When I asked Carrie and Andy to go to the show, they asked me to describe the music but it was difficult and I was unable to do it well.

During the show, Carrie asked me why I didn't just describe the band as "Siouxsie meets Missing Persons with Hugh Grant on guitar?" Kudos, Carrie...nice shot.

Carrie, Andy and I started the night with a drink and a few rounds of Monster Mash at King Kobra, across the street. We headed to Moe Bar and met up with Chris.

100_2192 This is Justin, the doorman at Moe Bar on Tuesday. As you can see, Justin is a professional as evident from his serious demeanor, but a friendly guy. He said the patrons at Moe Bar make his job very easy. (FYI, Justin cracked a smile when he saw this photo.)

Sons and Daughters sire from Glasgow, Scotland. The band are Adele Bethel (vocals, guitar, piano), David Gow (drums), Ailidh Lennon (bass, mandolin, piano) and Scott Paterson (vocals, guitar) (Scott uncannily resembles Hugh Grant). They're touring their new album The Gift. I'm most familiar w/ their sophomore effort, The Repulsion Box, which is a fantastic offering.

100_2214 In 2006, the band got a place in Adfern (on west coast of Scotland) sans TV and telephones and practiced in a converted barn for eight hours a day working on what would become The Gift.

At night, the band played hard with poker and drinking. I didn't know this until after the show but watching them, you feel their energy and their connection. Some bands lack that vibe (Ladytron, I hope you are listening), but Sons and Daughters not only have it but they gave a memorable performance to boot.

100_2221The show kicked off with a song from Repulsion Box. (I suck at remembering song titles so I can't tell you the name).

To my surprise, many songs off Repulsion Box made it into the set.


100_2233 Adele danced around in her Patty Smith Band tee modified into a dress.

She had a Cleopatra-like necklace and gold arm warmers to match the sparkly tights.



Ailidh was cool as bassist in black. Simple back dress and subdued. The drummer played HARD. He strung it all together. While Hugh Grant completed the quad, he had quite a moment when he pointed to a fan and said he looked like Kurt Cobain. Adele told him not to be typical and Hugh Grant piped back, "But, he does." (He did.) They played an energetic set with an encore. They made it quite worth it, playing for the Tuesday night show as if it were Friday night.



While I was waiting to buy a tee, I chatted with this guy who was drinking Rainier beer, which he mentioned is his much so, he got himself a Rainier brand R tattooed on his neck. (Yes, it's permanent.) Wow.




Here's a clo100_2245se-up of Scott and Ailidh doing double duty at the merch table. The band finished their encore, put down their instruments and Scott and Ailidh headed right to the merch table to sell some stuff.

Love them!

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