Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fiesta Numero Dos en Chicago

As I mentioned in my previous post, I didn't plan a party to ring in my birthday. Instead, I planned a trip to visit my family in Chicago. I only stayed for a brief five days but it eventful.

Baby Bro and his girlie treat picked me up at the train and whisked me to the beloved Burrito House restaurant on Lincoln Ave., where you can order authentic Mexican food. We got take out and headed back to my parents' place.My brother rushed upstairs ahead of us and when I got there, they presented me with a beautiful birthday cake--made by Brian and decorated by Michelle.





We indulged in a little celebration, complete with dinner from Burrito House, cake and gifts. Later that night, we indulged in a round of WII Bowling. They created an avatar to match my likeness. I came a little bit uncomfortably close to the television a few times, but what a blast!

Michelle had to work in the morn, so she was leaving and dropped us off in her Roscoe Village neighborhood where lived the 90s.7 La_Tiff

I had a chance to visit with Tiffany, which is never dull!

From Michelle's place, Brian and I walked past an old apartment of mine on Melrose. I hardly recognized my old street from all the new construction. Does it ever stop? I thought Seattle was going overboard in this department, but Chicago seems to be keeping pace.

We started off at a place called Belly's. It was a sports bar with an edge. We had pints of Blue Moon Belgian White. Not much of a beer lover, I was surprised by its flavor and had another pink. We headed down the street to Tavern 33. It was dive-y just the way I like my drinking establishments. We stayed for a bit before heading to Johnny's place, an unmarked former speakeasy where we had our last drink of the night.

100_2329 We headed back home on the El. I miss the tremendous transportation system in Chicago. But, you are where you are. I'm sure I'd miss the market, the Crest, the mountains if I left Seattle.




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Michelle said...

Brian looks like he belongs at a Metallica concert :-)