Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Heat (2013)

The Heat

In one corner, we get FBI agent Ashburn (Sandy Bullock)—tightly  wound, ruthless and arrogant (characters Sandy has played well in her film past)—all traits that could keep her from getting her desperately coveted promotion. In the other corner, we have hard-mouthed-cursing-every-other-word, ruthless and arrogant Boston cop Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) verbally abusing her entire precinct. Sounds like a good match, eh? When Ashburn invades Mullins’s turf, the two spar until they have to go into cahoots to bring down a crime boss.

In their quest to track their target, the ladies cross paths with Marlon Wayans as an FBI agent, Jane Curtin as Mullins’s disappointed mother, Demian Bichir as Ashburn’s boss, Ben Falcone (McCarthy’s real-life husband) as a past fling of Mullins and Michael Rapaport as Mullins’s brother. Neither these secondary characters nor even the plot can compete with the antics of the two leads. This is not a believable movie but it’s a treat. The lengthy bar scene alone will be worth it.

If you like Sandra Bullock, you might like this one. If you like Melissa McCarthy, you’ll probably like it. If you enjoy both ladies, see it!

Director: Paul Feig

Country: US

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 115 minutes

Scale: 3

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