Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Lincoln Lawyer, Insomnia & Hesher

Life got in the way and I put down the pen. I didn’t stop seeing movies. Nor did I stop contemplating juicy scenes, indulging in witty dialogue or mulling over details that didn’t make sense.

To catch up, I’m doing shorter reviews and grouping entries.

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer (2011): Much better than expected with several Hollywood heavy-hitters. Criminal defense lawyer Mickey (Matthew McConaughey) conducts business from his Lincoln Continental (with his own driver) to faster navigate the highways and roads connecting the Los Angeles courthouses. He lands a high-profile case that could prove his chops, but causes trouble in his personal life. The chemistry between his ex Maggie (Marisa Tomei) and Mickey sizzles. Frank (William H. Macy), Mickey’s investigator, is snatched from the movie too soon. McConaughey continues to excel in his dramatic roles—see Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.


Insomnia (1997): During a serial killing investigation, detective Jonas Engström (Stellan Skarsgård) lies and covers up an error that may sabotage the investigation. Set against Sweden’s 24 hours of sun and Engström’s lack of sleep, Insomnia still lacks more complexity in some of its characters. None is very engaging; they are distant and unlikeable. The elder Skarsgård and his son, Alexander (Eric Northman on True Blood), possess the same sinister smile.

Hesher (2010): TJ (Devin Brochu) is Hesherdealing with a huge loss. His mother has just died; his father (Rainn Wilson) is debilitatingly depressed as a result, and grandma (Piper Laurie) is on a mental decline. TJ is left to fend for himself, when Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) appears and creates further complications. Taken at face value, Hesher is  crap; watching it with other angles in mind (such as the possibility that the Hesher is TJ’s rage about his mother’s death personified) is more compelling. Despite being a one-dimensional, mostly unlikeable character, Gordon-Leavitt’s Hesher steals every scene.

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