Monday, December 12, 2011

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Horrible BossesThree friends hash a plan to get revenge on their sadist bosses and secure themselves decent work environments, but their poorly hatched plans crumble immediately.

Kurt’s (Jason Sudeikis)comb-over coiffed boss Bobby (Colin Farrell) is a cokehead constantly looking to score blow and to just score. Bobby’s late father favored Kurt and Bobby can’t stand him. Dale (Charlie Day) is sexually harassed daily and is having a hard time not getting blackmailed to sleep with his boss, Julia (Jennifer Aniston). Nick (Jason Bateman)has been goaded into working untenable hours and going against his ethics to secure a promotion from his boss, Mr. Harken (Kevin Spacey); Harken later secures himself the job.

In summary: Farrell is under- and ill-utilized. Jamie Foxx is amazing as the hit-man consultant. The ass clown trio have their moments of humor when they aren’t unimaginably stupid. Spacey is too sinister for the lot and could annihilate all three at once with a mere stare—he’s that nefarious. Aniston is different than her usual happy-go-lucky girlfriend character, but I wasn’t impressed. She plays a one-dimensional horn-dog. If that’s branching out, it’s lame.

After all the hubbub it received, I expected more. Horrible Bosses just felt wrong and in the end was a disappointed.

Director: Seth Gordon

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 98 minutes

Scale: 2

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