Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rabbit Hole (2010)

Rabbit HoleRabbit Hole is another movie about death (but with a sense of humor). It tells the story of a what happens to a happily married couple when their young son dies.

Becca (Nicole Kidman) and Howie (Aaron Eckhart) are keeping a normal front but in the safety of their own home, things aren’t good. Controlled Becca is trying to find ways to ease the pain of losing her son. Howie’s desire to move on with their lives unnerves her. They try a grief group but that further divides them. Becca s mom, Nat (Dianne Wiest), annoys her daughter. Becca avoids her former friends. It isn’t until she finds comfort with the most unlikely of allies, Jason (Miles Teller), that she begins to her transformation.

The surprise is how well they filmmakers constructed this story about death. Kidman is excellent. Becca is so unlikeable from the start, even knowing what we know about her situation. Then, she begins to blossom and we reluctantly release the empathy.

Kidman was nominated for heaps of awards for her role. Rabbit Hole is based on a play by David Lindsay-Abaire. See it.

Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Country: USA

Genre: Drama

Run time: 129 minutes

Scale: 3.5

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