Friday, July 15, 2011

Who the (Bleep!) Did I Marry?

A robbery in pursuit. Fast, loud and frenzied. A masked man fleeing sirens, lights, the sound of running. Cut to a full body image. He’s outrun them. He slows down. He pulls off his mask, composing himself. Acclimating to his new environs. He carries the duffle as if on his way to abscond with something. The music. The mood. The song. It plays like a 30-second short.

Who the (Bleep Did I Marry)?

If you like the song, check out the extremely watchable video by Swedish rockers PB&J. If you like it, explore the band’s site.

“Young Folks” by PB&J

I watched three episodes; none as compelling as the first one featuring Judith Mawson, Gary Ridgeway’s third wife. The show uses a tongue-in-cheek-peppered-with-schadenfreude storytelling style. Watch the first three minutes and tell me you don’t want to watch the rest:

Judith meets Gary…How It Began

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