Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Get Him to the Greek (2010)

Running to LALow-rung record executive Aaron (Jonah Hill) is charged with getting his rock idol and infamous drug addict Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) from London to New York City for a performance (on the Today Show) and then to Los Angeles within 72 hours for Snow’s 10-year anniversary performance. Aaron is an uber-fan of Snow’s, but has no idea the challenges he will face fulfilling his task. As Aaron is set to depart on his mission, his girlfriend, Daphne (Elisabeth Moss), drops a bomb that puts their relationship on hold.

Once Aaron meets the eccentric Snow in London, he realizes he has no control. Can they survive the celebrity antics, paparazzi, groupies, sycophants, hateful respect and still make the big show? Can Aaron keep a lid on his scorn toward Snow’s last album, African Child? Add to this that Snow is still trying to win back model/actress/mother of his child Jackie Q (Rose Byrne).

This movie is fun with some great party shots. Are there lame scenes? Yes. But, they are overshadowed by Brand and Hill’s chemistry, their bromantic appeal and the furious banter. Brand’s expressions, his delivery and his movements mesh with Hill’s awkward deer-in-the-headlights’ reactions. Kristen Schaal has a tiny role as a Today Show producer. Ellie Kemper (Erin from The Office) has an unspoken cameo—a wasted opportunity. While Moss is fine as Aaron’s girlfriend, Kemper would have rocked it. P.Diddy isn’t going to win an Oscar but he delivers some humdingers. Colm Meaney as Snow’s father is excellent. You even get Lars Ulrich as Jackie Q’s lover and muse. If you saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you know that Brand is reprising his role (there’s a Sarah Marshall/Kristen Bell cameo). If that’s not enough (talking to you, John Kennedy), perhaps you might be swayed by the ridiculous songs, such as The Clap, Ring ‘Round (My Dirty Posy), Beans and Mash, Going Down and Furry Walls. Apologies to those who will watch and hate; I loved it.

Writer-Director: Nicholas Stoller

Country: USA

Genre: Bromantic comedy

Run time:  109 minutes

Scale: 4

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