Thursday, September 30, 2010

La Ventana (The Window) (2008)

As bedridden Antonio (Antonio Larreta) awaits a visit from his estranged son, Pablo (Jorge Díez), his bedroom window is his portal to the world . The yellow fields beckon him. On this most important day, Antonio instructs live-in help María del Carmen (María del Carmen Jiménez) of how the day is to play out. He has a 40-year-old bottle of champagne and he’d like to make a toast when his sonLa ventana a la libertad arrives. A fleet of hired help arrive to the house. The most important task is the tune-up of the old piano. Pablo is a world-class pianist and everything must be right. As everyone is busy making sure every detail is cared for, Antonio defies his doctor and caretakers by making a slow get-away into the fields for a walk. He takes in the serenity of the scene for what could be the last time time.
When Pablo and his girlfriend arrive, you get the sense it’s been an extremely long time away from the San Juan mansion. He’s regarding the old home like Antonio took in the yellow fields. You don’t get many clues nor explanations, but the suggestions are sufficient. This coming of death film has no action and it crawls, but it has a sensitivity that equates to that soothing feeling of someone brushing your hair.

Director: Carlos Sorin

Country: Argentina

Genre: Drama

Run time: 84 minutes

Scale: 3

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