Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vivian Girls @ The High Dive--2.13.10

After hearing the Vivian Girls on KEXP, I sounded like a fun band to see live. I asked my music-lovin’ peeps, Carrie and Andy, to go and after previewing the music, they were in.

We arrived to the High Dive for a band called Best Coast, one of the openers for the Vivians, but there were two problems—the sound system at High Dive wasn’t vibrant and all of the band’s songs sounded the same. When the Vivian Girls started their set, they had good energy. They played their songs with verve, swinging their hair but there was something missing. The all-girl indie band from Brooklyn (Cassie Ramone, Kickball Katy, Ali Koehler) had more variety in their songs than Best Coast but their voices weren’t that strong. Maybe the sound system was to blame for the lack of rockiness. Perhaps other folks in the audience were blown away but it was a sedate crowd. Did we (the crowd) let down the band…maybe the trio was waiting for the Seattle crowd to give them more, something with which to connect. Maybe I contributed to the problem, but I was waiting for the group to go first.

In the end, it was a blast, kicking it with my homeslices, but we all wished we’d gotten more band for our $12 duckets.

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