Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sangre de Mi Sangre (Blood of My Blood) (2007)

Will the real Pedro please come forward? Not until imposter Pedro makes a mess out of real Pedro's goal to meet up with his father after 17 years. After a long ride locked in the back of a truck, a large group of illegal immigrants are deposited in New York--Brooklyn to be exact--where Pedro (Jorge Adrián Espíndola) hopes to see his daddy (a wealthy restaurateur) again and forge a relationship. Diego (Jesús Ochoa) listens to Pedro's recollections derived from his mother's tales about the father he doesn't remember. Before long, Pedro has dozed off and Diego has knicked the papers detailing Pedro's identity, the address in Brooklyn where his father lives and a sealed letter from Pedro's mother that would serve as their introduction.

Young and naive, Pedro is screwed. Alone, no money, no English...he sleeps on the streets. He's scammed by a young street woman when he's pleading for food in a convenient store. An adversarial friendship develops. The tough Magda (Paola Mendoza) uses Pedro to get what she needs. Pedro wizens and returns the favor. He remembers the street address (there are four residences with same address) and has to earn money to employ Magda to take him to see if he can find his father. One thing remains in his possession that can prove his bloodline--the locket his father gave his mother containing pictures of the two of them in their youth. But, will the real Pedro get there before the imposter Pedro?

Clever and powerful, Sangre de mi Sangre presents a compelling take on the immigrant experience. It was nominated for several awards and won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2007. Don't miss it.

Director: Christopher Zalla

Country: US

Genre: Drama

Run time: 110 minutes

Scale: 4.5

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