Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fool's Gold (2008)

It sounded fun. Hijinx on the open seas in search of Spanish treasure. A just-divorced couple collaborating to find the long-lost riches while a hip-hop/rap mogul and his cronies try to beat them to it. Sounded like a mindless action and adventure flick. I wanted to see Matthew McConaughey without his shirt. But Fool's Gold didn't play out this way. Instead, it was MM wearing a shirt most of the movie and a clunky, dragged out movie that should have ceased at least 30 minutes sooner.

This movie is a typical example of the trailer highlighting the few good scenes to push the film. Now, I wasn't expecting a 5 . I wasn't even expecting a 4 but I was looking for a pleasant 3. No such luck.It's too bad too because there are some talented players, including Ray Winstone, Donald Sutherland, Alexis Dziena and Ewen Bremner. Even Kate Hudson, who isn't a favorite of mine, was okay. The clumsy plot is a let-down.

Themes: sunken treasure, divorce, father-daughter relationship

Director: Andy Tennant

Country: US

Genre: Romance-comedy, Adventure, Disappointment

Minutes:  113 minutes

Scale: 2

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Michelle said...

And you are being generous with that 2 :) Brian made me watch it. Blah.